Technology of 3 PE Anticorrosive Coating Steel Pipe

3PE covering steel pipe anticorrosion structure: 1 layer of epoxy powder (FBE > 100 um),Technology of 3 PE Anticorrosive Covering Steel Line Articles the second floor glue (Promotion) 170 ~ 250 um, the third layer of polyethylene (PE) 1.8 ~ 3.7 mm. Three sorts of material, and structure with steel pipe immovably with astounding anticorrosive covering. Benefits: 1, 3 PE anticorrosive covering steel pipe has an exceptionally high fixing, long running can significantly save energy, diminish costs, safeguard the climate. 2, in number consumption safe capacity, Jane has the speed, quality assistance life can arrive at 30 to 50 years. 3, under the state of low temperature and has great erosion obstruction and effect opposition, PE bibulous rate is low (under 0.01%). 4, have a mix of high strength epoxy, PE low water imbibition and hot dissolve glue delicate quality, and so forth, has a high anticorrosion dependability.

3 PE anticorrosive (three layer PE) innovation is presented from abroad in the late 1990 s progressed enemy of erosion innovation, it’s known as the combination reinforced epoxy/expelled polyethylene defensive layer structure. 3 PE anticorrosion innovation joins epoxy covering and expelled polyethylene anticorrosive covering of brilliant execution, the connection point properties of epoxy covering and substance properties and expelling polyene anticorrosive covering of mechanical security highlights and so forth, to fundamentally work on their presentation. Its attributes: high mechanical strength, wear obstruction, erosion opposition, heat obstruction, cold obstruction, medium can be applied to 150 degrees, both in cool zone. steel doors and windows Consequently, 3 PE covering is the ideal of covered pipeline external defensive layer. As indicated by legitimate division location, with 3 PE anticorrosive innovation of covered primary steel pipe life as long as 50 years.

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